Business Values

Living by our Values




  • We think like our customers

    We ask ourselves, what would our customers like from us? What would we want from our loss adjuster if we were in their position?

  • We respect the money and trust of our customers
  • We settle every claim as if we were the final payers
  • We investigate and research every claim in depth
  • We care about quality, not quantity.

    We assess our employees not based on the number of files they settle but how much effort they put in to settle every single file in the best possible way.

  • We endeavour to be 100% transparent

    We want our partners to know in detail what are we doing with their claim files. We inform them about our actions and we provide them with IT tools to control the status of our work.

  • We invest in Technology.

    We employ the latest available anti-fraud technology and we update our systems frequently. We are proud to be the only Loss Adjuster in Greece to offer to our customers Web Access to their claims files.

  • We continuously try to improve ourselves.

    We want to be one of the best Loss Adjusting Companies in Europe with the most satisfied customers.