Motor Claims

  • Green Card and 4th Motor Directive Claims
    For many decades, we have settled the motor claims of international companies in Greece. We enjoy the trust of more than 300 companies that have appointed us as their correspondent in Greece and Albania.
    We also act as the coordination center of our customers for their international claims. We take full responsibility to settle their international claims in close cooperation with their nominated correspondent in every country.
    Furthermore, through the network of our distinguished partners, we can advise companies to nominate the best correspondents and representatives (4th MID) in all countries of the Green Card System.
  • Outsourcing of Claims Activities
    A great number of companies is interested in outsourcing part or all of their claims to us, permanently or temporarily due to illness of staff or a great fluctuation in their volume of business. Other reasons for doing so, is because they want to focus on areas such as underwriting or marketing or because they want to reduce their claims cost by taking advantage of our international anti-fraud experience.
    Foreign insurers that sell policies in Greece through the Freedom of Services (FoS) regime, are particularly interested in outsourcing their claims activities.
    Our all renewed IT software enables our partnering companies to monitor the development of their claims on-line, whilst collecting statistics about the reserves, the cost and the volume of their claims.
  • Run-Off of Non-Life Portfolios
    We take the responsibility to settle the outstanding and up and coming claims of portfolios which no longer generates premium income.
  • Recoveries
    We help our customers to recover their liabilities from the responsible party (other company or physical entity). We also do this in the case of companies with a fleet of vehicles (e.g. AVIS)